Hooks and cords

  1. Picture rail hooks and cords with cobra
    Use the cords with the matching picture rail hooks to hang your pictures.

    There are several possible combinations. Your choice depends on the desired look and the weight of your painting or wall decoration.

    STAS smartspring on perlon cord – carries loads up to 4kg
    STAS zipper on perlon cord - carries loads up to 15kg
    STAS zipper on regular steel cable - carries loads up to 20kg

  2. The STAS perlon (monofilament) cord with loop carries loads up to 4 kg combined with the smartspring and when used with the zipper you can hang decorations up to 15 kg per cord.
    The STAS steel cable with loop can be used with the STAS zipper hook and is suitable for loads up to 20 kg per cable.

  3. Moulding hooks are suitable for hanging art on traditional picture rail mouldings (e.g. wooden picture rail). The steel picture rail moulding hook is available in three colours: white, gold/brass look and chrome look.

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  4. The STAS picture hits are transparent clips for the easy linking together of cards and photos. The STAS picture hits can be directly placed in a STAS picture rail system. A transparent distance strip can be positioned, for example, in order to start the row of cards at eye level.

    Contains per set:
    20 STAS picture hits
    2 STAS pet strips 50 cm

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  5. The STAS magnet set is a flexible and fast magnetic suspension system for hanging papers, memos, photos or cards. The STAS magnet set can be used with a STAS picture rail system.

  6. The drop ceiling hooks can be slid over the ceiling profile in one move. The hook is pushed over the intermediate section of the drop ceiling system. Ideal for hanging billboards, route signage or other items from the ceiling.

    Colour: white
    Weight limit: 5 kg
  7. Our panel hooks come in different shapes and sizes. Use the panel hook with a STAS perlon cord with loop and STAS zipper hook for flexible picture hanging.